Why Are Stove Top Covers Making a Comeback? (3 Reasons!)

Stove top cover is making a comeback! Yes, they can be found under the name noodle board; they are used in the old days to dry pasta or work dough. The decorated wooden piece sits perfectly on top of your stove or counters to beautify your kitchen in the simplest way! Some people don’t like over-the-top decorations or extensions. They prefer plain and simple with a touch of wood to adorn their cooking area. Apparently, their pleads are enough to make wood manufacturers bring back the noodle board. Here are several reasons why you should get one for your stove as well:

  • They Add Space to Your Cooking Area

Not all of us are blessed with a spacious kitchen or pantry area. There are times when we feel like we should just knock down a wall to add extra space to our cooking area. Luckily, a simple and affordable extension like stove top cover exists! They effortlessly add extra space for you to work on your ingredients like cutting, rolling, marinating, etc. By installing them on your stove or countertop, you wouldn’t need to renovate your entire kitchen to add space.

  • They Are Convenient

    Stove Top Cover

Sometimes placing things in the kitchen can be a tedious task. If you are not tall enough, reaching the high shelves can be quite the challenge in a day’s work. You would need to look for something to step on to give you more height, like a stool or a box which carrying them all the way to the kitchen in itself is already an inconvenient thing to do. But if you have a stove top cover on your stove, you can just put condiments, seasonings, and other cooking items and tools at the top of the board. Thus, easily granting you convenience in storing those items.

  • They Give Protection

In the middle of cooking, accidents could occur like spilling or dropping what you’re cooking, accidental burns, or even scraping the surface of your appliances. For example, you are trying to cook something, but you forgot the recipe, so you had to resort to watching a YouTube video to jog your memory. As you are moving along with the video, you accidentally scratch the surface of your stove with the knife because you weren’t paying attention to the utensil at hand because you were so focused on following the recipe. It is not an uncommon scenario to hear, which is why stove top boards are essential due to the protection they give on your stove. You don’t have to worry about staining the appliance or leaving a mark on them!…